Tuesday, 4 September 2012

commence nearly avenue

commence nearly avenue:

despise skinny man, desire bed and infinate coco

wiggle slow, croon above make you like and see
see wht my life is like ,what is really inside of me

my emotions,feelings and sensations,so you may be enlightened,

in hope these are heightened ,hightened by you for the pleasure of me,

nearly there so close now , the lights are dimming , book nearly read,

eyes are closing nodding my head , yes here it is ,here it comes agggghhh
dream land .. its time for my lovely bed.


words can be harmful

words are just letters placed together WRONG.... words are very powerful.

Everyword has its purpose miss ussing these word can give someone the wrong impression or even be harmful , the tone and deliverence is very important .

one little girl is sitting crying ,all alone and not realising what she has done wrong.

She starts imaging what her life will be like and what she would be come .

i hate you her brother told her

your usless said her mother
you will never amout to anything exclaimened her father
your fat,ugly and no one will ever love you sneered her clasemates
you can never get anything right her teacher shouted .

there is a woman sitting on a bed crying , she catches sight of herself in the mirror ,

she is shocked by what she sees, an anerexic person covered head to toe i bruises from
numerous boyfriends, bags under her eyes needle marks from her addiction ,sitting on a
motel bed next to a sleeping client.

she glances back and really sees her eyes , through the swelling ,redness and tears she sees no hopes ,no dreams, her eyes are dull there seems to be no life but for a brief second she has seen a small twinkle in the side as she has glanced as a beautiful small child sitting on the grass wondering what her life would be.

for once in her life she has started to see her family ,peers and teachers where wrong and its time to stop living in their words .

I Love My Kids

I Love My Kids
But I'd like some time to myself once in a while.

Being a mother is such a precious gift,
Blessed to have such beautiful children.
We think we know what life is,
Then we have children and they teach us so much more!

By Brunette

My Joy

A little light
So small but bright
Reaches out to me.

Her smile so happy
So free and strong
It warms my heart to see.

My Daughter, my lifeboat
Her love so strong
She throws it over me.

Im blessed, im lucky,
Im safe, im home,
When She is here with Me!!

By Blondette


Hey Everyone !
Just to quickly welcome you and give you an idea of why we have started this blog.
We are a group of 7 Mums who have met, become friends and decided to start this blog to share some of our experiances, stories and any advice we may have.
We hope that you will feel free to comment or share any of your experiances with us as well!